3 Beneficial Heart Supplements


Heart supplements are used to promote heart health in areas such as preventing heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.  Heart health supplements can be used to supplement a general maintenance regimen that gets an adequate amount of essential fatty acids the body needs.  There are natural heart supplements one can take to maintain a healthy heart, but he or she should take supplements with caution under the direction of a physician.Supplements can have many benefits including protecting the heart and blood vessels, maintaining a normal cholesterol level and maintaining normal cardiac function.  They help reduce plaque as well as the free radicals that can damage the blood vessels and heart muscle.  Supplements also support a healthy circulatory system and assist in preventing LDL oxidation.  They can also help uphold normal levels of homocysteine and triglyceride as well as rejuvenate heart cells with antioxidants.There are many kinds of supplements used to promote heart health.  For instance, coenzyme Q10 has been used as a heart supplement not only because it is an antioxidant but also because researchers are looking into its potential benefits in preventing and treating heart disease.  Along with its antioxidant qualities, coenzyme Q10 is believed to have the ability to improve energy production in cells and prevent the formation of blood clots.Many are probably already familiar with the use of B-Complex vitamins such as B6, B12 and folic acid for the heart.  For instance, women who consume more B vitamins tend to be at less risk of heart disease than those who do not.  Folic acid reduces the amount of homocysteine levels, which means the body produces less nitric oxide and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.Fish oil is among the most popular supplements since more people are learning of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.  It has been found that men and women who consume omega-3 fatty acids reduce their risk of sudden death in people who have already suffered a heart attack and those who were not at risk.  Fish oil helps reduce triglyceride levels and blood pressure and helps stabilize blood clotting.

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