8-Week Keto Diet Review / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

8-Week Keto Diet Review / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

Here’s my 8-week experience on the #ketogenic diet. My keto diet is below!

Video Chapters to skip around:
What is keto diet? – 0:45
Why I did keto diet? – 2:02
Keto Experience – 4:18
Diet – 9:19
Final Thoughts – 15:23

What is ketogenic diet?

-The Ketogenic Diet is a diet that is most often used for medical reasons to treat children with epilepsy, but it is also a regimented diet program that aids in weight loss.

-The diet is a high fat, high protein and very low carbohydrate program.

How does ketogenic (keto) diet work?

-The ketogenic diet (often termed keto) is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets.

-It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat. The reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

***I DO NOT recommend simply replicating my diet. You should devise a diet that compliments your nutritional and dietary needs as well as activity & training. Seek counsel from a physician or licensed nutritionist before beginning any restrictive diet. Also, not shown are post-workout shakes and small calories snacks that I may have enjoyed.***

Keto Diet Recipe:

Meal 1
4-5 whole eggs
+ optional egg whites
+ tablespoons olive oil
bacon, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, herbs, goat cheese

Meal 2
Shake with natural nut butter

Meal 3
Cashew Chicken Salad
4-6oz chicken breast
1/3 cup cashews
~2 cups mixed salad
sesame oil vinaigrette (NO sugar)
+ sesame oil optional

Meal 4
Lamb/Bison Patty or Baked Salmon
6-8oz lamb
grilled asparagus or
steamed broccoli

6-8oz wild salmon
grilled asparagus or
steamed broccoli
+ tablespoons olive oil

Meal 5
4-5 eggs or protein shake

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  1. A F Avatar
    A F

    You can eat certain veggies on ketogenic diet because the carbs that they have are fiber so your carbs stay low and you stay in keto. Broccoli. Asparagus. Bell peppers, cucumbers tomatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms and fruits that u can have in small amounts is blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

  2. TheBiggyo43 Avatar

    Today is supposed to be my cheat day, but I cant bring myself to CHEAT.  Day 21… Yeaaaa… 5 more weeks to go.

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    Shoha – The Keto Chef

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    Better World Better Life

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    Jenny Gross

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  6. GreenwoodTactical Avatar

    How much weight did you lose total? I see you ended at 194.

  7. twaps nchit Avatar
    twaps nchit

    2 weeks on Keto and Everyone says I look like a Zombie.

  8. Joni Manning Avatar
    Joni Manning

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  9. Lemonz1989 Avatar

    I lost an insane amount of weight very fast when I started low carb. I lost 10 kg (22 lbs) in 5 weeks, and I wasn’t even overweight. I weighed 82 kg (180 lbs) and I’m 189 cm (6’2”) tall.
    I started the keto diet because I have type 1 diabetes and wanted better control of my blood sugar, and more predictability with regards to dosing insulin.
    I became pretty ill after those 5 weeks, because I started producing abnormally large quantities of ketones. I was at 5.6 mmol/L in my blood at one point, and was hardly able to do my job.
    Then I just decided “screw it, I’m done” and went and ate a small tub of ice cream. The next day I was out of ketosis and felt so much better.

    This is mostly a type 1 diabetic problem, and not something healthy people need to worry about. I’m doing low carb again, but don’t focus on fats anymore. I focus on specific amounts of carbs (6g morning, 12g lunch and 12g dinner) and fill up on protein instead. The amount of fat is just what comes naturally with the protein or preparation of the food. I’m still in ketosis, but I don’t go into ketoacidosis like I did before.

    Tbh, I do think the effect protein has on knocking one out of ketosis is overstated by many keto fans. I could be wrong, because I don’t know anyone else on a low carb diet, but for me, I’m still in ketosis, even though the majority of my calories come from protein.
    I think they might experience that effect because they already are eating a pretty high amount of carbs to begin with, and adding a lot of protein on top of that might kick them out of ketosis. I only eat 30 grams of carbs a day, and I stay in ketosis the whole time.

  10. CHITO2800 Avatar

    I remember I lost 50 pounds in like 1 month on candida diet. I use eat big plates of veggies a whole bunch of chicken, fish,, almond milk, chia seeds .

  11. Nandan Bhat Avatar
    Nandan Bhat

    So, keto is the extreme version of Atkins.

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    Physique Holistic Enlightenment

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    Love What You Do

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    Keto & workouts go hand in hand for great results

  19. Coleton Macdonald Avatar
    Coleton Macdonald


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    polly polly

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    Anna – Let’s Get Acquainted

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  23. TE SMWL Avatar

    How much weight did you lose?

  24. Rudy Alvarez Avatar
    Rudy Alvarez

    I’m gna start this on Monday

  25. Yolo 2.0 Avatar
    Yolo 2.0

    Is this going to work for me? I’ve got asian genetics and already super skinny, but I wouldn’t say HEALTHY. I want to use keto to improve my mental fitness and energy levels, not really lose weight.

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  27. Bikini Fit Avatar
    Bikini Fit

    lol technical issues i hear ya! I’ve wondered how the keto would work I’ve never done it! Thanks for the info!

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    Quentin Coswell

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  29. Gray Ninja Avatar
    Gray Ninja

    Who puts the after pic on the left? Seriously.

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  32. Jac smith Avatar
    Jac smith

    You look amazing,congratulations,Im on my 3rd week of keto and I feel great.x😊

  33. Gabe Eisner Avatar
    Gabe Eisner

    Too many protein shakes bro. But good work!

  34. Lynn Allison Avatar
    Lynn Allison

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  35. Licious Stories Avatar
    Licious Stories

    Constipation will happen during keto or not

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    Kniik Knaak

    Diets are so thought because I dont like any of that food

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  38. tbirdpimp07 Avatar

    Is your shirt inside out?

  39. Patrick Avatar

    How long does it take to make keto start? Surely after not eating sugars for one day I’m already in ketosis, right?

  40. scotty bergenbush Avatar
    scotty bergenbush

    My buddy lost 80lbs in about 7 months.

  41. Midi Abubakar Avatar
    Midi Abubakar

    Such a great video! Exactly what I needed. Only thing missing was the type/frequency of workouts

  42. Irene DSouza Avatar
    Irene DSouza

    Do you have an app we can download for your recipes? Does it cost?

  43. The Keto Benefits Avatar
    The Keto Benefits

    Thanks to the keto diet I lost more than 70 pounds and I no longer have type 2 diabetes. For me it is
    A lifestyle. I feel very energetic and happy! If I want to eat a craving, there is
    many delicious recipes that can be used. This has been my lifestyle for over a year and
    I like …I love the Keto diet<3

  44. Chris Avatar

    Cashews are a questionable nut to advise for a keto diet as they are very high in carbs and low in fiber. Pecans, Macadamia or Brazil nuts are all typically better choices.

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    Matilda Coffman

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