A keto diet for beginners

A keto diet for beginners

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50 responses to “A keto diet for beginners”

  1. Moster GirlfriendX0X0 Avatar
    Moster GirlfriendX0X0

    Your voice is very calming… thank you for your keto information

  2. Aidan Trujillo Avatar
    Aidan Trujillo

    Everyone talking about his voice, but why are his lips so purple?

  3. Lauren Sheppard Avatar
    Lauren Sheppard

    The way you said ‘fat burning machine’ though hahaha I jumped

  4. The Keto Secret Avatar
    The Keto Secret

    I lost over 70 lbs with keto in my first year. Without bounces, it’s sustainable, I feel GREAT! That’s why I always recommend it… Keto is not just a diet, for me it’s a life-saving lifestyle.

  5. NHEFF09 Avatar

    i have high chlosteral and type 2 diabetes is this suitable for me

  6. Rabin Thapa Avatar
    Rabin Thapa

    1.25x speed trust me

  7. Elva Fong Avatar
    Elva Fong

    I have been on the keto diet for 4 weeks and am concerned about the effects of keto on my blood pressure as I get off carbs and lose weight. You mentioned in your video that "a number of health issues tend to improve" like normalized blood pressure. I have been monitoring my blood pressure and i notice that althought the systolic numbers are between 117-126, the diastolic numbers are between 87-91(which you have in your chart as "normal high"). Should I be concerned with these numbers or are they part of the process of keto?

  8. Emil Madsen Avatar
    Emil Madsen

    Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.

  9. Antonia Oliveira Avatar
    Antonia Oliveira

    Is this russian accent????? Is vodka keto????? Please , say Yes!!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. kaya queen Avatar
    kaya queen

    that’s the clearest explanation

  11. Samuel Brown Avatar
    Samuel Brown

    It is my understanding that ketogenic diets predate Atkins by two decades, as a treatment for epilepsy, and certain cancers.

  12. Elva Fong Avatar
    Elva Fong

    I started the keto diet and two weeks into the diet I experienced leg cramps. Can you elaborate the connection between the leg cramps and the keto diet. What can I do to ease the leg cramps?

  13. Oscar Candiales Avatar
    Oscar Candiales

    no beer? not possible

  14. Chris Hemsworth Avatar
    Chris Hemsworth

    He sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  15. Falk Avatar

    Swedish accent?

  16. Bubbles Avatar

    Ive lost 90 pounds on this diet. Was a 6"2 350lb 17 year old and now I’m 260lbs at 18. Yes In between the year I took a break and I do plan on getting to my next goal at 220lbs. I reccomend this diet to everyone capable of doing it as I feel much better and confident with socialization and many more things.

  17. NO IMAGE Avatar

    His voice is lower than my grades and that says a lot

  18. nour aboud Avatar
    nour aboud

    You’re cute and HOT AF

  19. BelllMT Avatar

    Hello! After years of thinking of exercising, lose weight, eat healthily, and keep on a diet, I decided that it was time to actually take all that thinking into action.

    My stats: F(26); CW: 184 lb/83Kg GW: 130lb/59kg

    I am starting Keto on September 1, 2020, and I am educating myself in the meantime while planning my meals for the month of September. I started 16/8 intermittent fasting and will be doing it together with Keto, eating 2 meals in the day between 12-8—lunch and dinner. On my path to educate myself on this diet, I have come up with a question about macrosa and calories. Can anyone on the Keto diet help me?

    My question: I keep reading that someone in Keto needs to eat a Net Carb: 5g/20g proteins/75g fat. When I used an app called Keto Calculator suggested in the FAQ of r/keto I was given some numbers to intake:

    Protein: 93 (g)

    Carbs: 22 (g)

    Fat: 143 (g)

    Total Calories: 1744 (kcal)

    I don’t know how to count macros, but I am educating myself, and now I wonder if I have to adjust the macros to Net Carb: 5g/20g proteins/75g fat, but not the calories? Thanks for reading and for giving advice.

  20. Anddres Torres Avatar
    Anddres Torres

    I just do this for my epilepsy… Im always fit and shredded at least …but i wish i can eat ice cream or potato chips sometimes. Especially ice 🍦

  21. lin lin Avatar
    lin lin

    why is everyone dissing this guy. he delivers. everything else shouldn‘t matter.

  22. Такая Дама Avatar
    Такая Дама


  23. Exotix ghoul Avatar
    Exotix ghoul

    so do I need to workout in the process?

  24. Mageh Lan Avatar
    Mageh Lan

    What if cannot tolerate dairy

  25. Jasmine Sari Avatar
    Jasmine Sari

    You explained keto so well I’ve been so confused on what it is and how to do it but you made it make the most sense

  26. Udita Majumdar Avatar
    Udita Majumdar

    I love this guy!!!!

  27. paris Avatar

    I am so scared. I saw this man from the intro in my dream last night without ever having seen him before and now I’m watching this 😭

  28. Live From The Fridge Avatar
    Live From The Fridge

    “In this course” ….wait a minute….

  29. Akane Cortich Avatar
    Akane Cortich

    Done Keto for 3 years. Lost 18kg HbA1c as of today 4.7 !! BP 115/70 CRP=0 Trigs LOW HDL High Trig/HDL ratio 2.5/1 02 Sat 98% FBC perfect. AND I am 61. Best thing ever. And if you need some convincing to change your diet, just put on a continuous glucose monitor for 14 days. If that doesn’t scare you nothing will. About 5% carbs only. And it is fairly easy in the end. OH, and I lost that 18kg in the first 4 months, without trying. And actually needed to try and stop losing weight, keto was so effective.

  30. Kevin Nyugen Avatar
    Kevin Nyugen

    can we eat soy sauce in keto diet?

  31. Always Goop Avatar
    Always Goop

    Now I know what dirk nowitzki is doing after he retired

  32. LVPBUNNY Avatar

    Bread is my weakness . 😭😭😭😭

  33. Josh Goulding Avatar
    Josh Goulding

    literally scared by this man

  34. Yuruse Sasuke, kore de saigo da Avatar
    Yuruse Sasuke, kore de saigo da

    Are carrots and cherries keto?

  35. Yes Keto Xime Avatar
    Yes Keto Xime

    Keto diet is the best. I lost 40 lbs after I had my baby 😁

  36. Eduardo Leach-Nunez Avatar
    Eduardo Leach-Nunez


  37. Steel Stunners Avatar
    Steel Stunners

    This video seems to be stuck on 0.25 speed

  38. Med Dhaker Abdeljawed Avatar
    Med Dhaker Abdeljawed

    His voice seems just like the CEO of eCorps in Mr.Robot

  39. Fahima Tuli Avatar
    Fahima Tuli

    Just good

  40. Jon Matthews Avatar
    Jon Matthews

    i need your boots your clothes and your motorcycle

  41. Bubbles Avatar

    This man could probably sing every Josh Turner song to a T 👐

  42. No Ta Avatar
    No Ta

    How boring are those people commenting on his accent? It’s like they’ve never left their home town and encountered people from other countries

  43. unknown Avatar

    Thank you for making me sleepy 😴

  44. Nadia Lepe Avatar
    Nadia Lepe

    I would love the site translated to spanish!!

  45. loveur neighbor Avatar
    loveur neighbor

    Is keto diet good for a fatty liver? Is good for someone with diabetes?

  46. Marisabel Avatar

    Are Keto diets good for belly fat?
    And can I use this diet going to the gym? Or is it not recommended? 🙂
    Im not overweight at all, never been. But i have a bit of belly fat i want to remove, and also start to build muscles along the way. Would keto work?

  47. shah Ahamed Avatar
    shah Ahamed

    Taking banana no good?

  48. Wanda Pearce Avatar
    Wanda Pearce

    Thank you for sharing this Doc.

  49. Safa Saif Avatar
    Safa Saif

    I like the keto diet

  50. Jonas Carlsson Avatar
    Jonas Carlsson