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[ezps_tp_post_layout video=”uh6MYdjd0aU” description=”TABATA VIDEO 3. I will be uploading series of TABATA WORKOUTS para you can personalize your entire workout routine. Pwede ding one cycle per day lang.

Try this with a dumbbell para mas intense ang workout 😎

(1 cycle = 1 video)

Check other TABATA workout cycles (videos) here:

RULE: TABATA HIIT WORKOUT is a 4-minute workout with 20 seconds of exercise and 10 minutes rest. A 4-minute tabata workout completes 1 cycle. After that, you can rest for a minute and proceed to the 2nd cycle.

Sample: Follow 1 TABATA 4-min video (1st cycle) — rest for a minute — Follow another TABATA 4-min video (2nd cycle).
You can stop at 1st cycle pero you can do this pattern for as much cycle as you want. Pwede ding 1 video lang yung sundin, 1 minute rest, then start uli with the same video.

Kung ilang cycle yung gusto ninyong gawin at kung anong workout routine, it’s all up to you! This is the reason why I’m uploading per cycle only. Para pwede kayong mamili ng sequence and kung gusto nyong mag-proceed sa 2nd cycle or stop na after 1st.

You can do this!

Introduction to TABATA:

Tabata is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). A four-minute workout consisting of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work at maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

TABATA training was discovered by Dr. Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

The study evaluated two groups of speed-skating athletes. The first group trained at a moderate intensity level while the second group trained at a high-intensity level. The moderate intensity group worked out five days a week for a total of six weeks, each workout lasted one hour. The high-intensity group worked out four days a week for six weeks, each workout lasted four minutes (20 seconds of workout and 10 seconds of rest).

In his study he found that athletes increased their metabolism and improved their anaerobic capacity (the amount of energy you can produce during quick bursts of effort) by doing a Tabata workout five days a week for six weeks when compared to those who performed longer workouts at a less intense pace.

Kung kagaya ko kayo na tamad mag-workout, then this HIIT exercise is for us!

I hate working out lalo na kapag matagal ung routine. Any type of workout, especially cardio, kapag umabot ng 10 minutes ayaw ko na agad. Pwede kong pilitin ung sarili ko na tapusin pero dahil hindi ko naeenjoy ung ginagawa ko, hindi ko din magagawa consistently.

Here’s a tabata for fat burning workout na mdaling sundan para sa mga beginners na tulad ko. Do this every day for better fat burning results.

Pwede ding i-extend ng more than 4 minutes ang workout. Pagkatapos ng last exercise, rest for 10 seconds then balik sa first exercise.

Remember guys, it’s all about the consistency. Kung hindi pasok sa schedule (or sa katamaran) yung 1-2 hours na workout 5-6x a week, TABA workout is enough. Minimum 4 minutes of your time lang daily and you will see great improvements.

For better result, do this during fasting para mas madaming fats ang ma-burn.

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