Diet Program Review: Atkins

The Atkins dieting plan allows you to eat foods that most dieters have only dreamed about eating. This diet allows you to eat eggs, meat, cheese, bacon, cheddar cheese omelets, and even steaks. However, you cannot eat carb rich foods on Atkins because of the effect it will have on fat`s digestion, making you fat. On Atkins, traditional carb sources such as white flour, white rice, sugar, and even milk must be avoided if the diet is to be done correctly. Atkins sets a “twenty grams of carbs daily” rule which can only come from fibrous rich food sources such as vegetables. As for short term weight loss results, the low-carb option is the way to go. Atkins is the perfect diet for people who favor the low carb method over any other diet. However, if one is looking for long term results and want to keep themselves sane by eating carbs, then Atkins should be avoided. Studies have shown that increased protein consumption without an adequate amount of carbs can cause severe kidney problems. Another problem with the Atkins diet is that an increased fat intake can lead to high cholesterol levels, leaving you with an increased risk of a heart attack There are so many different good/bad reviews for the Atkins diet that it is impossible to tell you if Atkins is right for you. My suggestion would be to give the diet a try and track how your body responds to a low-carb diet. Track how you feel, what you eat, how well you sleep, how your social life is improving or declining because of the diet. If you don`t like it, then simply switch to a diet more suited for you. Until next timeFind Article, later!