Dr. Paul Mason – 'Evidence based keto: How to lose weight and reverse diabetes'

Dr. Paul Mason – 'Evidence based keto: How to lose weight and reverse diabetes'

Dr Paul Mason obtained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician.

Dr Mason developed an interest in low carbohydrate diets in 2011. Since then he has spent hundreds of hours reading and analysing the scientific literature.

For a number of years, Dr. Mason has been applying this knowledge in treating metabolic and arthritis patients who have achieved dramatic and sustained weight loss and reductions in joint pain.





50 responses to “Dr. Paul Mason – 'Evidence based keto: How to lose weight and reverse diabetes'”

  1. Gee Ache Avatar
    Gee Ache

    Well presented, well reviewed. But now an advanced question: How not to lose weight and still to reverse diabetes, that is also a question… Not everybody is overweight.

  2. bob wa Avatar
    bob wa

    Dr. Paul! You make great content. Kindly make a video on why some people can’t put on weight despite normal eating and being healthy. Also put some light on rate of metabolism and its relation to three body types Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph IF they are relevant to the topic.

  3. Brian Tan Avatar
    Brian Tan

    I’ve just started Keto and IF… Have been learning a lot of these information, these low carb diets have been around for quite a few years, some I saw dating back 7 years or more and proven to be effective… But something at the back of my mind… So why does standard medical treatment for diabetic and "healthy food" guidelines does not change for the better?! There’s still so much misconception going around and people are still learning and eating badly!

  4. Emma Goodwin Avatar
    Emma Goodwin

    Who else is here wishing America taught you the metric system…? Love this video!

  5. Brutexrp Avatar

    Can type 1 diabetics use this approach to diet?

  6. DAVID S Avatar

    I lost 160 pounds off of keto

  7. Ramabrahmanandam Ravuri Avatar
    Ramabrahmanandam Ravuri

    Weight loss and diabetes reversal is possoble in 99%. What about the remaining 1%?
    But flat abs is dificult with keto diet.

  8. Robert Granese Avatar
    Robert Granese

    What about cancer? With carnivore diet? I keep seeing talks having to do with vegetarians and they claim cancer is highest in rat studies especially colon cancer?

  9. Anne Avatar

    Butter by itself can’t be used for frying food at high temps. However, I do remember reading in a Food Science book some yrs ago, that if you heat butter, then as it starts to bubble, add Olive Oil, swirl around to mix. This is supposed to change the heat(?) point, to enable you to cook things at a higher temp. I believe, but would be great to have someone with the Food Science knowledge to confirm this! Um, Indians use gee to cook off Spices, at higher temp, but when trying myself, found it spattered, so maybe needed addition of Olive Oil, (which by itself, cannot be used at higher temp for frying). So, what do we use for cooking, browning meat, etc?

  10. Rita Hall Avatar
    Rita Hall

    Since being Dx with Hashimotos and Menapause at about the same time I quickly became insulin resistant gained 50 pounds in two months and can’t loose the weight- now trying IF and lost 4 pounds in two weeks Dr is not concernrned about elevated glucose or A1C of 5.6 ?

  11. vortexrider1 Avatar

    Amazingly clear. Thank you Doc! You are changing generations of famlies being doomed to fatty liver disease, diabetes and Im sure it goes way beyond this list.

  12. kerry lattimore Avatar
    kerry lattimore

    That shirt is happy.

  13. DronZizzle Avatar

    the demonization of diets high in animal fats is a major factor

    the agricultural revolution is great and all cuz we can more easily feed more people but it goes against what humans have eaten for 99% of the human species’ existence

  14. Brenden Tehrani Avatar
    Brenden Tehrani

    Thank you Dr. Paul for such a brilliant presentation. Great honest information backed by science.

  15. Paris Chowdhury Avatar
    Paris Chowdhury

    The Dr is caught lying about the study he cites regarding the insulinoma surgery causing weight loss. The study clearly states the lady lost weight after reducing calorie intake by over 2400 calories a day – yet this Dr says she DIDN’T change her intake. He doesn’t explain why less than 5% of type 2 DM get fat deposits at injection sites if Insulin causes fat build up. I am only 5 mins into the video.

  16. Bill Dickson Avatar
    Bill Dickson


    Throw away the cans of sardines because they have been cooked in olive oil.

  17. Random Guy Avatar
    Random Guy

    Almond milk is also packed with oxalates, I never touch it.

  18. Benyamin Mentchale Avatar
    Benyamin Mentchale

    An excellent video. Very good presentation.
    A Must Seen!

  19. AirgunTuning Pro DragonArms Genesis Avatar
    AirgunTuning Pro DragonArms Genesis

    pls write were we can find the monitors,great job doc

  20. Daniel Alzate Avatar
    Daniel Alzate

    In addition to the this guy, I recommend looking up the channels High Intensity Health and Snake Diet.

  21. Mark ONeill Avatar
    Mark ONeill

    I was doing pretty good on keto and lost 20 lbs- but I plateaued. I was still drinking a little alcohol and eating some processed food/ vegetable oils – though not always on purpose. There’s a lot of hidden vegetable and nut seed oils, and emulsifiers. I cut those out by being more careful about reading labels on food. I’ve found you really have to be careful. And I just quit all alcohol I’ve also started being more strict about following Keto and have finally started losing the last 15 pounds. I’m down 5 lbs in and I’ve got 10 more lbs to go.

  22. Carla Harker Avatar
    Carla Harker

    I use keto because I have epilepsy and love eating keto. I weigh what I weighed in college.

  23. vortexrider1 Avatar

    Thank you Doctor!

  24. Svante Forsman Avatar
    Svante Forsman

    How to eat lots of carbs, eat as much food as you like, lose weight and lower your HbA1c/blood sugar: (spoiler alert: You simply eat a Whole Food Plant-based diet)

  25. faye lee Avatar
    faye lee

    i tried keto but tbh it’s not sustainable for long term if you are someone who really like all kinds of food yknow i’m like 90% everything but sweet but id like to have something sweet sometimes i don’t feel like shit bc i ate a piece of cake yknow ? like if you have to talk about “cheat” that means that the diet ur following is not sustainable for you ! for some people it is and that’s great for them, everyone gotta figure the proper way to eat that is convenient for their bodies . me for exemple i figured that i should avoid gluten and simple carbs if i eat too much of these my belly hurts. i really encourage everyone do to this

  26. Duke Truong Avatar
    Duke Truong


  27. Cheetah The Journey Avatar
    Cheetah The Journey

    Handsome doctor.

  28. Me Neither Avatar
    Me Neither

    What about Olive oil ? Is it any different than other vegetal oils ? I mean the long lived Italians do eat massive amount of it.

  29. ging cen Avatar
    ging cen

    Jus me or does Paul seem to be getting younger in each of his videos. 🧐

  30. Joanne Goodman Avatar
    Joanne Goodman

    He said low carb is 130gm. That means one can still have 2&1/2 lbs veggies, 1 c. Berries and 3, 3 oz servings of lentils a day. One does not need to eat a high animal diet, thank goodness.

  31. Jason Emerson Avatar
    Jason Emerson

    Great information but I wish he wasn’t reading a script.

  32. Top Secret Bear Avatar
    Top Secret Bear

    amazing. stop eating garbage and loose weight. I guess obesity is a choice in MOST cases.

  33. Onder Avatar

    SO there is no best oil . I used to have butter (stable) for cooking, and olive oil , for non-cook usage. all yileds to oxidation . even walnut. so keto style also makes inflammation .

  34. Koos Dekker Avatar
    Koos Dekker

    So I am trying to find research he mentions and other keto meta studies. If you know where they are pushed online, please send me the link.

  35. Andrea Símonardóttir Avatar
    Andrea Símonardóttir

    Oils, how about avacadooil in intake not cooked? Is that OK? Like on a salad sá an dressing?

  36. Sean Raymond Avatar
    Sean Raymond

    5 minutes in and 2 mistruths. The study he cites regarding the insulinoma CLEARLY says she DID lose weight due to a dramatic reduction in calorie intake (-2400kcals!) Why would the Dr say she didn’t change her intake? Second. Lipohytophy occurs in less than 5% of T2DM and is attributed to tissue damage and an immune response rather than the Anabolic role of insulin. Injecting insulin into tissue does not reflect the metabolic effects of endogenously released insulin within the energy balance system.

  37. The Gram Avatar
    The Gram

    Can a continuous glucose monitor indicate ketone level too?

  38. Mark Smith Avatar
    Mark Smith

    So what does the doctor say about fish oil?

  39. Dixie Wade Avatar
    Dixie Wade

    He is right, lost 80 pounds in six months, feel great, I cut meds in half and reversed diabetes and still losing easily.

  40. Marvin Nelson Avatar
    Marvin Nelson

    Wonder if oxidation is why omega 3 supplements don’t seem to offer the same benefits of increased omega 3 in foods?

  41. Australian_888 Avatar

    Has anyone with insulin resistance been able to lose significant weight on the keto diet?

  42. mind set Avatar
    mind set

    Thank you so much very useful and knowledge video

  43. Blackbird Singing Avatar
    Blackbird Singing

    Poor Dr T 🙁

  44. Gary Roberts Avatar
    Gary Roberts

    This is so frustrating..
    my last A1C was 5.4 after 4 months on high fat/low carb and intermittent fasting, happy happy happy
    My daily blood sugar average taken at home was 6.5 in that time, still happy
    My dr saw this and took me of my diabetic tablet Gliclazide
    BUT …for the next week my blood sugar average at home was 8.3, …with the same diet…not at all happy
    So I’m back on my tablet
    But I don’t understand why my blood sugars spiked so high…
    Any thoughts anybody

  45. Zeek Banistor Avatar
    Zeek Banistor

    Sure do Keto but stay away from crossfit that is a cult that will only get you injured

  46. Paris Chowdhury Avatar
    Paris Chowdhury

    Now only 7 minutes in – another mistake. The study which the Dr says proves low carb diets causes increased energy expenditure is not correct. The study made a number of assumptions and the study authors changed their submitted analysis protocol AFTER the study – I assume to manipulate the data to get the desired oucome. In short – the study does NOT show or prove what this Dr claims.

  47. Gene Ellis Avatar
    Gene Ellis

    Now again Metformin but I heard that it is not good if your kidneys are impaired already from years of being on diabetic drugs?????????geneellis69@gmail.com Please help

  48. Ørjan Berg Avatar
    Ørjan Berg

    I now want to move from Norway to Australia and get Dr. Paul Mason as my doctor, what a brilliant mind he has and fantastic way to explain difficult medical processes so even I can understand it. Has he written a book yet? If not then I hope he will soon, I will be the first in line to buy it.

  49. Doc Harris Avatar
    Doc Harris

    I’m a performance athlete and keto diet was a HORRIBLE diet plan for me!!!! Tried it for 33 days and didn’t sleep for 28 of the 33 days! Felt sluggish and during exercise my performance suffered!!!

  50. Cecilia Garcia Avatar
    Cecilia Garcia

    Eating healthy is easy too. Make your own food and you know exactly what it is and I found it is very enjoyable because I can enjoy the real taste and Keto keep me appreciative of the taste so much, besides the money and time saving can put into invest in personal grow ( reading and activities,) and financial grow ( investment ) for me is gold. learn with me fb Goldeq.