How Does a Calorie Shifting Diet Work?

A low carb diet obviously reduces the carbohydrates that we take in. A
calorie shifting diet is less clear. How do calories get shifted? To get the
answer to that question, we need to understand how body metabolism responds to
the food we eat.

First, it is important to see that the human body tries to keep a store of
fat. This can be a good thing if we truly were starving and didn’t have enough
to eat. Unfortunately most people in the industrialised world have a sedentary
life style and we eat more than our body really needs. So, even when we diet,
we are working at cross purposes with our natural body tendency. We may lose
initially, but eventually our metabolism will catch on and slow down the amount
of calories burned, making it very difficult for us the continue losing weight.

With that as background, we begin to understand calorie shifting. It is
called shifting because it shifts different types of food around to different
meals and different days. Whereas a calorie cutting diet is basically concerned
with reducing the number of calories consumed, the focus of this diet is to mix
up days of low carbohydrates and other days of more carbs and less proteins.
All of it is calculated to keep body metabolism off balance so that you can
keep losing.

A good calorie shifting diet will give you all of the carbohydrates your
body needs as well as all the proteins necessary for healthy living. You need
the carbs to give you energy, and the protein is needed to produce glucagon.
This hormone brings out the collected fat in your body and burns it for energy.

So, you don’t have to count calories with this diet, but you do have to
develop a healthy rotation (shift) of the appropriate foods. If you do this,
this diet can help you to lose fat quickly, and, since it gives you such a
balanced dietFeature Articles, it is something you can maintain for as long as you like.

This diet is so simple that anyone can do it. You only need a planner that
will help you rotate the foods. You can get that plan today and start to create your own calorie shifting diet. This could be the first time you find a diet that really lets
you lose weight the way you want to.

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