How to Start a Keto Diet

How to Start a Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has been rising in popularity, and for good reason — it is simple and yields significant results. Whether you want to lose fat, increase energy, enhance brain health, improve your blood sugar levels, or improve your overall health, keto may be the diet you are looking for.

However, before we learn how to start a keto diet, we must develop a deeper understanding of what it is and why it is so effective. Knowing the what and why behind this way of eating plays an integral role in your keto diet success as well as knowing how to get started.

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Everything you need to know about the keto diet:

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50 responses to “How to Start a Keto Diet”

  1. Bee Zephyr Avatar
    Bee Zephyr

    Is this weightloss sustainable?? Or does it come back when you start eating normally

  2. Gary Simone Avatar
    Gary Simone

    It is Not as easy at all linke she says

  3. TheOnlyChildI'llEverHave UwU Avatar
    TheOnlyChildI’llEverHave UwU

    If I want to lose weight while doing keto, do I also have to lower my calorie intake? It was 1600 with my last diet but I didn’t lose much. Serious question

  4. Jesus From America Avatar
    Jesus From America

    I still don’t get what a keto diet is

  5. Megan McCormack Avatar
    Megan McCormack

    Want to start this but afraid of the keto flu because I won’t be able to go to work. Cuz ya know….Covid

  6. Nichole Livesay Avatar
    Nichole Livesay

    This is a lot of numbers and figuring stuff out. I just need to be told what to eat and when and how much that’s it.

  7. Epark1801 Avatar

    My Asian mom FORCES me to eat white rice

  8. cobra_BTW Avatar

    Plz explain to me i didn’t understand

  9. jacob oberlin Avatar
    jacob oberlin

    it just works

  10. tarina quail Avatar
    tarina quail

    I started 2nd July 20. I have lost weight but through out the day I go in and out of ketosis? I believe I’m following a keto diet. Any advice would be appreciated. 😀

  11. im miata mike Avatar
    im miata mike

    I did this diet last summer for 1 month. I lost 32lbs. And I never counted calories or took any supplements. I drank a ton of water and basically always made sure my body had food. Simple. It’s easy people. High fat + medium protein + a ton of water will make sure your body is healthy.

  12. Weight lost Tuners Avatar
    Weight lost Tuners

    •Ketones. When your blood sugar is running low, your body turns to its glycogen stores for energy. Typically glycogen stores house about 2000 calories of "backup" energy for when you run out of glucose. Like the intelligent machine it is, your body depletes the glycogen stores and then turns to your own body fat for fuel.

  13. Nichole Bondurant Avatar
    Nichole Bondurant

    A video about keto that only tells you “there are many different sources out there” what a waste of content

  14. Talia Avatar

    The keto flu is REALLLLL

  15. Rafat Saeed Avatar
    Rafat Saeed

    Thanks to the keto diet I lost more than 20kg and I no longer have stress . For me it is a lifestyle. I feel very

    energetic and happy! There are many delicious recipes that can be used. This has been my lifestyle for over a year and I love it . Thank you for guiding people to improve their lifestyle. I love the Keto diet and I hope everyone is gonna follow keto diet to live a happy and healthy life . Thank you and best regards from south korea.

  16. Pika Gangsa04 Avatar
    Pika Gangsa04

    I watch this and i cry….i dont know why

  17. Hassan Raza Avatar
    Hassan Raza

    I want this diet but i can’t afford it😥😥😥I’m only 24 and my weight 78kgs

  18. Reality Check Avatar
    Reality Check

    Keto Flu can be tough, but I’ve done this a few times now and didn’t get the flu feeling last time.

  19. Arabic Calligraphy Art Avatar
    Arabic Calligraphy Art

    Its is helpful !!

  20. Swanit Sagar Avatar
    Swanit Sagar

    hi very good helped a lot

  21. clizy Avatar

    How much kilograms can I lose in a month with this diet

  22. Sand Village Avatar
    Sand Village

    Keto is amazing. I lost 40 pounds in two months. I was doing lazy keto however. I kept my carbs at 20 a day….no sweets fried crap…. No sugar…. I did eat fast food like whoppers and stuff but with no bread. I did drink alot of diet drinks like diet sodas and sparkling waters, but I drank a gallon of water a day. Kept up with my electrolytes and vitamins. I took ketones as well. It was easy and fun but I started eating bread again and now I’m eating candy and sweets like crazy and gained back 10 pounds. When I was on keto, my heart was beating really hard and I was having AFIB…. But when I got off keto, my heart stopped doing that . Idk why, but keto gets a 9/10 for me! Great diet to drop weight and drop it pretty substantially.

    I’m sure lazy keto was the cause of my heart palpitations because I didn’t do strict keto which is way healthier!

  23. J L Avatar
    J L

    A hundred thousand
    ‘thank you’s’…for taking the time to create this video!

  24. Terrance Scott jr Avatar
    Terrance Scott jr

    So what kind of fats should i be eating trans fat, saturated fat what?

  25. JScottV Avatar

    Lost 30 lbs in 30 days!

  26. costel 1971 Avatar
    costel 1971

    lmao I got a fucking kfc uk and Ireland add before this

  27. Oshone Oshiokamel Avatar
    Oshone Oshiokamel

    Is there a way to get meal plans without paying, I’m legit broke rn

  28. Cyrus B Avatar
    Cyrus B

    when I’m on the keto diet, can I just stick to one food that’s suggested everyday? and drink a gallon of water everyday. I’m going to cut out sugars, carbs and just do straight protein. I’m saying can I stick to only eggs or like eggs one day then chicken the next then I alternate. need answers

  29. Gary Simone Avatar
    Gary Simone

    If u are on BP meds be very careful..i i d

  30. Alisha Avatar

    Idk how much I weigh. I’m just gonna do this until I see the results I want. Only a little chubby on my belly and thighs ❤️

  31. windsongshf Avatar

    My brain still has so much trouble thinking that eating more fat is a good thing.

  32. Metal422life Avatar

    Only here because JRE

  33. ZARA LUEUR Avatar

    It’s so funny that it’s a privilege to be healthy, most website offers KETO DIET RECIPE AND GUIDES with an amount of that is sometimes unreasonable yet.

    Is like I’ll tell you how to save money but first you gotta pay me $20 for 3 days trials and $150 for one month fee! Ugh

  34. Truly_Grateful Avatar

    What advice would you have for a breastfeeding mama? My son is 2 years old and eats solids so he’s not nursing full time. I’ve heard that a breastfeeding mom would need to keep carbs at 50g a day is this true? Thanks!

  35. J Clouth Avatar
    J Clouth

    Is coffee ok on this diet? Black that is

  36. Alejandra Vallejos Avatar
    Alejandra Vallejos

    I really want to start keto but I just need a keto diet list 🤔

  37. ASH Avatar

    The hardest food to avoid is sugar and bread avoiding bread is IMPOSSIBLE some times

  38. PinkDeadite Avatar

    Starting soon for weight loss and seizure control. I’d like to lose around 100 pounds.

  39. Kay B Avatar
    Kay B

    I’m definitely trying this. Worked out for the last month, lost only 2lbs But I was eating Rice, Yogurt, Fruits ect… explains why I barley lost anything. Anywho new month ahead.

  40. Najma Begum Avatar
    Najma Begum

    Please advice me. Can I take MCT oil for 6 months 3 times a day? Is this safe, taking for 6 months?

  41. Kari B Avatar
    Kari B

    I lost 45 pounds on keto gained 15 back during this quarantine but on it now trying to be strict on myself again ❗️🤦🏾‍♀️

  42. Love & Live Avatar
    Love & Live

    1:50 except oil and green leaves I don’t have anything, means I’m already fasting no worries.

  43. Ainsley the meat rubber Avatar
    Ainsley the meat rubber

    0:48 it’s just moderate protein not also low protein.

    3:43 the default should be 35% protein after which you can increase it more depending on your needs

  44. Jennifer Balbuena Avatar
    Jennifer Balbuena

    But I thought fruit was healthy and natural -_-

  45. DopeAffectzZ Avatar

    Tf is a keto flu????!????

  46. Ralph Rodriguez Avatar
    Ralph Rodriguez

    This diet saved me!
    Just cut sugar out.
    Reduced carbs.
    No arthritis.
    No high blood pressure.
    No looking like a beached whale.
    Able to tie my shoes.
    Got a new wardrobe!
    Best wishes to all who are keto dieters!

  47. BelllMT Avatar

    Hello! After years of thinking of exercising, lose weight, eat healthily, and keep on a diet, I decided that it was time to actually take all that thinking into action.

    My stats: F(26); CW: 184 lb/83Kg GW: 130lb/59kg

    I am starting Keto on September 1, 2020, and I am educating myself in the meantime while planning my meals for the month of September. I started 16/8 intermittent fasting and will be doing it together with Keto, eating 2 meals in the day between 12-8—lunch and dinner. On my path to educate myself on this diet, I have come up with a question about macrosa and calories. Can anyone on the Keto diet help me?

    My question: I keep reading that someone in Keto needs to eat a Net Carb: 5g/20g proteins/75g fat. When I used an app called Keto Calculator suggested in the FAQ of r/keto I was given some numbers to intake:

    Protein: 93 (g)

    Carbs: 22 (g)

    Fat: 143 (g)

    Total Calories: 1744 (kcal)

    I don’t know how to count macros, but I am educating myself, and now I wonder if I have to adjust the macros to Net Carb: 5g/20g proteins/75g fat, but not the calories? Thanks for reading and for giving advice.

  48. Myrp Avatar

    So i’ve been half keto all my life because all the food she said are the only things i eat. But the thing is i eat excessive amout of those food lol

  49. Kaouther Bts Avatar
    Kaouther Bts

    that just doesnt feel right , no fruit ? and a limited vegetables ?

  50. Unrell Avatar

    I would love to start a keto diet but I cannot cook to save my life