Indian Street Food Recipes Straight From The Street Kitchens Of India

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Straight from the streets all over India, especially North India, Indian street food has become famous all over the world. The people of India need absolutely no introduction to these foods if they want to whip them up at the comfort of their homes. These tangy foods are guilty pleasures you can enjoy without gaining much weight. In fact, since street food is an imminent part of the culture of eating out in India, you should also try preparing them at home.

Use aromatic spices

Why not prepare these Indian street food recipes at home itself? They would be far more hygienic as compared to the ones prepared on the streets. Moreover, your kids would love munching on them. So, use the most aromatic spices and condiments to prepare them so that your kids would feel like eating them at home itself instead of eating outside. Whether it is Paapri Chaat, Pav Bhaji or some other street food, try preparing one dish every day for your children. Did you know that the history of Chaat traces way back to the Mughal Empire when Emperor Shah Jahan was asked by his Hakim to eat something light yet spicy?

Don’t control your cravings

You need not control your cravings for these street foods when you can make them at home. Nothing like the crunchy and crispy papdis that have been prepared along with tamarind chutney, coriander, and yogurt – a recipe that is straight out of the streets of Old Delhi. Most of these street foods have their roots in North India and they are sure to get you hooked – no matter wherever you are in this world. You could add eggs, corn or anything else to prepare Chaat or any other street food. Bhel Puri and Pani Puri are also some of the most famous street foods of India. Why not prepare them at home and serve them to your guests or kids?

A delicious way to start your day

You can start your day the delicious way with some of these street foods. Of course, not all foods have their roots in North India. Some like the Bombay grilled sandwich has its roots in Western India. You could even try preparing Kachoris, Pav Bhaji, etc. if you are a fan of the West Indian street foods. Cooked with exotic vegetables, condiments, and spices, these foods are sure to make your day.