Keto Cooking: Keto Food List

Keto Cooking: Keto Food List

Being on a diet isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when you don’t know what you should eat. We’ve put together this ketogenic diet food list to help people out there making decisions on what they are eating and shopping for.

Ketogenic Diet Food List: Everything You Need to Know:

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Everything you need to know about the keto diet:

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We also make things easy with this 30 day diet plan:


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50 responses to “Keto Cooking: Keto Food List”

  1. TH3BL0CKH34D Avatar

    i’m done being the slowest guy on the team. keto started 2 days ago and i’m going strong. wish my luck 👍

  2. KewpieGirl Avatar

    the hardest to find nowhere grocery is chocolate & bacon because they both have sugar, there’s no way to find anything sugar free.

  3. 1Life2Little Avatar

    This keto is a freaking science… i am about to give up before i even start… how the hell are you supposed to calculate all the stuff you need to eat every day…

  4. Daniel Dimitrov Avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    Make it so you can do it all your life sorry to say it but if you go back to the normal eating you will be even fatter than before. Every diet works if until you stop it , so make sure to find a one that suits you and you have no problem following it to the rest of your days . It doesn’t have to be keto , but keto works for me since i get hungry when i eat more fruits , potatoes and rice.

  5. PeaceFan1 Avatar

    Keto and IF WORK, Period!!!!

  6. Shtutik's stuff Avatar
    Shtutik’s stuff

    Load up on Spinach ? yeah sure more like load up on kidney stones

  7. Jack Ashmore Avatar
    Jack Ashmore

    This diet end with me being told to choose hard liquor…I vibe with it

  8. Muhammad Ramzan Malik Avatar
    Muhammad Ramzan Malik

    started my Keto journey today. I am carrying some extra 40 kgs with me all the time and it hurts my knee and legs. The weight gain came after appendicitis operation in 2008. I’ll try to keep sharing my progress.

  9. zachary levario Avatar
    zachary levario

    She said “choose hard liquor” say lesss

  10. beryl bishop Avatar
    beryl bishop

    Last year 2019 I lost 28lbs doing keto I felt great this year 2020 I’ve put most of it back due to ill health and bereavement ,I am trying to start again but don’t have the will, I’m 82

  11. josie 0972 Avatar
    josie 0972

    Okey but I don’t like red meat can I stick with chicken?🤨 Im a VERY picky eater

  12. The Ranch Avatar
    The Ranch

    When ur getting a keto for gerd and can’t eat half of this 👁💧👄💧👁

  13. Marie Trini77 Avatar
    Marie Trini77

    Where’s my paper and pen because I need help to lose more weight. Lost 50 pounds last year 2019 so know Keto works. Thanks 😊

  14. Dynamorphic Avatar

    Why do you need "lots" of fat? I thought fat was something people should avoid?

  15. watemalon watemalon Avatar
    watemalon watemalon

    is salted butter okay

  16. 6Meilin Avatar

    Okay but I don’t like fats 😫

  17. George Alilath Avatar
    George Alilath

    What about the potassium we get from bananas?

  18. Catherine Veleker Avatar
    Catherine Veleker

    Why show chocolate cookies?????

  19. Vivec Almsvisi Avatar
    Vivec Almsvisi

    Having done keto and wanting to do it again to cut, it’s tough. I wish I had the willpower to just not eat unhealthy carbs but that’s hard to avoid for me when I don’t cook myself. However, if I do keto, I am constantly just eating a bunch of fatty foods and I still lose weight. It’s amazing, but there’s no way I can maintain it for more than a few months.

  20. onion boi Avatar
    onion boi

    Calamari a good option?

  21. Redwolf Outcast Avatar
    Redwolf Outcast

    8:24 if you choose to drink use hard liquor. Ha

  22. WastedGTAZ Avatar

    What meats do you suggest because I do not like seafood so… does it matter what type of meat? I like chicken so I guess I can have that?

  23. Gil Shelley Avatar
    Gil Shelley

    The background music is so loud I can’t hear.

  24. BA A Avatar
    BA A

    She looks so much more vibrant than the Emporor Palpatine-esque vegetarian advocates.

  25. John Wilson Avatar
    John Wilson

    Excellent video.

  26. Whitehat Whitehat Avatar
    Whitehat Whitehat

    choose hard liquor say no more

  27. JasonJacksonJames Avatar

    you look like kim possible’s mom

  28. hazeyti playz Avatar
    hazeyti playz

    Love it thanks for the fact s>.<;-)

  29. Pinkie Channel Avatar
    Pinkie Channel

    Awesome video. This helped me so much 👌🏾

  30. Oscar 108 Avatar
    Oscar 108

    Thank you so much for making this video this will change my life.

  31. cobra_BTW Avatar

    Who am i joking i will stay a fat fuck

  32. LeafBear Avatar

    I got worried when she started talking about alcohol, thank god I already love hard liquor

  33. John Dyer Avatar
    John Dyer

    I think I’ll try this but keeping a moderate protein intake may be a problem for me since I love Ribeye steaks. However I might be ok to reduce my protein intake if I can see results fairly soon.

  34. Grasshopper Main Avatar
    Grasshopper Main

    Speaking as a plant scientist, organic is irrelevant to nutrition. It’s mainly marketing.

  35. big Nate Avatar
    big Nate

    I’m getting ready to start the keto diet and the olny thing that stuck in my head is avoid beer chose hard liquor🤣 I’m already liking this diet

  36. Susie Q Hernandez Avatar
    Susie Q Hernandez

    I just need a keto chef 👨‍🍳

  37. G Bereterbide Avatar
    G Bereterbide

    I recommend ditching the background music. It became a distraction. Great info though. Thank you

  38. Ares Balzerion Avatar
    Ares Balzerion

    started keto 5 days ago and i’m already seeing results!

  39. Tales by Firelight Avatar
    Tales by Firelight

    When you do drink, choose HARD Liquor. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

  40. Ummu- Aisha Avatar
    Ummu- Aisha

    I can eat all these food but with bread, is that okey for kito diet hhh

  41. chantale cote Avatar
    chantale cote

    WoW this is so well explain than you so much!

  42. William Avatar

    8:05 what’s up with those cookies though

  43. Aunesty ocanas Avatar
    Aunesty ocanas

    Hello I’m trying to drop 35 pounds by December that gives me five months to do so . I’d like to know if you can help me out with a meal prep breakfast and dinner meal I can eat please ?

  44. Anthony Chesery Avatar
    Anthony Chesery

    I am starting my journey today starting with education.

  45. Athena Queen Avatar
    Athena Queen

    So i’ve been in keto diet for about 20days n i only lose 3kg. N now i dun lose weight or gain weight but i’m still in keto diet. Idk if i alr have ketosis or not. So i look for this video, i think may be bcs i dun hv enough fat. Bcs mostly i eat fish or chicken

  46. Shawn Melton Avatar
    Shawn Melton

    I’m struggling pretty bad on this diet. Been on it for a week and have been doing great, but I’m really confused about what I can and can’t eat. It’s been hard.

  47. B4DR003 Avatar

    Iam having a hard time believing that eating fatty meats and fish will make me lose weight !

  48. PhilGeissler Avatar

    Thanks so much! This is the best video I’ve seen on Youtube addressing this issue!

  49. HarvardBob Avatar

    Really excellent overview of Keto. I couldn’t really find much I disagree with. My only suggestion is the audio could be improved with a good lapel microphone. It’s a bit tinny and not clearly picking up the speakers voice. The video, graphics and background music are great.

  50. Lucyfur Avatar

    I like the “try hard liquor” recommendation.