What Is Keto And Low Carb Diet | Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

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A summary.

KETOGENIC DIET – High fat, moderate protein, low carb.

LOW CARB DIET – low carb.

Carb intake should be 5-10%. Converted to grams that’s 10-50 grams per day.
Protien 15-30%
Fats 65-80%

Carb intake should be 5-10%. Converted to grams that’s 10-50 grams per day.
Protein and Fats = 90-95%

Walang specific na % si fats and protein sa low carb diet since hindi naman tayo concern about other macros (fats and protein.) Ang rule lang na finofollow is to eat LOW CARB.

I can go as high as 50g and still be in ketosis kaya you have to test your limits po talaga.

KETOGENIC DIET – You will lose weight faster in keto kase high in fats, GOOD FATS, ang food mo daily. You’re only feeding your body enough protein to build and repair tissues and prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar.)

Also, 30% of the brain, kidneys and testicles need glucose. Excess protein is converted to glucose at itong glucose na ‘to ung magsusupply ng glucose kila 30% brain, kidneys and testicles. This is what we call gluconeogenesis.

Kaya hanggat nakafollow tayo sa ketogenic diet at alam natin ung tamang max grams ng carb intake ng katawan natin, we will STAY in ketosis and our body will continue to burn stored fats.

LOW CARB DIET – On this type of diet, on and off tayo sa ketosis dahil hindi mo namomonitor ung fat intake. Most people na nagfofollow ng lc diet, high in protein ang daily meal.

Again, excess protein will be converted to glucose. Dahil sobrang dami ng "extra" protein na naconvert sa glucose, magiging enough na din un para gamitin ng katawan as source of energy. Result? Stop ang ketosis. Stop ang pagburn sa stored fats.

If you are doing low carb PLUS intermittent fasting then that’s good kase kahit na na-kickout ka sa ketosis madali ka lang din makakabalik dahil may enough time ka to burn the excess glucose.


Keto Diet – Pwede ang veggies.
Low Carb Diet – Side dish lang ang veggies.

Best source ng 10-20g na carbohydrates is from low carb veggies.

According to carbmanager app:
10 CUPS of Lettuce has 7g Net Carbs
10 CUPS of Kale has 8g Net Carbs
5 CUPS of Cabbage has 16g Net Carbs
5 CUPS of Cucumber has 12g Net Carbs
1/2 KG of Kangkong has 9g Net Carbs

Note that the measurements are too much. This is to prove that eating low carb veggies is not bad either with low carb or keto.


**Dr Berg suggests eating 7-10 cups of low carb veggies per day.

Now let’s all analyze this misconception:

Kung sa ketogenic diet na 20g max net carb pwede ang low carb veggies, bakit sa low carb diet na 20g max net carb bawal ang veggies? Ee diba same lang naman sila na MAX 20g NET CARBS?

Plus, low carb veggies contain fiber, vitamins and minerals na nawawala sa mga tao na takot sa veggies.

Ehem, hair loss!
Ehem, carmps!
Ehem, constipation!
Ehem, dry skin!

Kung takot sa gulay, you can eat organ meat instead.

Magkaiba po yung carnivore diet sa keto diet.

Carnivore diet, no veggies talaga. Pero you will have to eat organ meat para sa source of vitamins and minerals.

Hello nga pala sa mga nag-keto/low carb na hindi naka-experience ng keto flu dahil sa low carb veggies plus HIMALAYAN SALT.

Yes, hindi po ito kathang isip. Totoo po sila. Posible po na hindi ma-experience ang keto flu basta gagawin lang ng tama ang diet.

More veggies for everyone!

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