Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

Keeping carbs low is the key to keto diet success. When carb intake is too high, we simply cannot enter ketosis and experience the unique benefits of keto.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to rigidly track your carb intake at all times. In fact, many keto dieters are able to stay in ketosis by using one simple strategy: Eating mostly keto-friendly foods that have little to no net carbs (i.e., digestible carbs that reduce ketone production).

Although it may seem like carbs are hiding around every corner when you first start your keto weight loss journey, there are hundreds of delicious options that have zero or almost zero net carbs as well. To help you figure what these foods are and make keto as easy as possible, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of zero carb and almost zero carb foods for your convenience.

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33 responses to “Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple”

  1. Candy J Avatar
    Candy J

    Thank you

  2. Mary'd To Keto Avatar
    Mary’d To Keto

    Such a helpful list!!! Thank u for this!!😍

  3. Pradeep Duminda Avatar
    Pradeep Duminda


  4. PinkieJoJo Avatar

    Beware of sugar free mints like Icebreakers as well. Many have maltodextrin in them. Just got a glucose meter today to try and see what my body tolerates. Had 3 mints and checked an hour later and my sugar went from 80 to 94. Nothing else I ate in the day raised it that much in an hour.

  5. I'm the vet, not the vet's wife Avatar
    I’m the vet, not the vet’s wife

    I wish she included more vegetarian options. I’m a female trucker and I used to load in slaughterhouses. There is no way I could consume meat, but I do try and keep my carbs low.

  6. Avery Colbert Avatar
    Avery Colbert

    Thanks you so much this helps me even more so I know exactly what I need to get, this Channel is the best!

  7. jibin thomas Avatar
    jibin thomas

    Can we use almond milk in keto diet. Please reply

  8. Mike Gibson Avatar
    Mike Gibson

    Is there a printable ‘Zero Carb Food List’?

  9. Alison Armstrong Avatar
    Alison Armstrong

    artificial sweeteners also trigger insulin which puts on weight


    snacks ?????
    so we got meat
    than we got fish
    and then we got snacks that are meat and fish combined
    COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!
    you guys are killing me !!!!!!!!!

  11. Z Z Avatar
    Z Z

    Tequila?? THANK YOU❤

  12. Kinky2 Avatar

    I made it a full year on pure <20 keto….now in isolation…I’m backsliding a tad. I’ll let myself indulge for another couple weeks then get back on for year 2. I still have another 20 pounds to shed. CV doesn’t help.

  13. Elmo Avatar

    Processed meats with sodium nitrate preservatives need to be carefully considered, limited IMO.

  14. C Conroy Avatar
    C Conroy

    Please remember not to eat carcinogenic things in your quest to achieve keto. Keto works because it is virtually zero sugar and tons of fat and protein, JUST LIKE OUR ANCESTORS ATE. Pre-fridge man also did not have fun preservatives in his meat, he had to find it, and then dry, can, or freeze it. No plastics either. No mega-farms to raise his food for him. Don’t sabotage your health in other ways just to lose weight. If you still want phony replacements for sugar, you’re not doing it right. Major holidays only. Also I’ll tell you right now it’s easier to last on red meat and seafood than on peanuts and chicken.

  15. Matt Coffee Avatar
    Matt Coffee

    helpful thanks! day 3 🙂

  16. Howard Kerr Avatar
    Howard Kerr

    I have seen several videos dealing with the Keto diet, but this one was simple, plain, and had enough information to be quite useful. I have tried to adopt the Keto diet but find that carbs are hard to avoid and somewhat addictive…at least for me. For those times when I get a real craving, especially between meals, I try to keep vegetables like olives, radishes, green peppers, or celery on hand.

  17. TJ FromReno Avatar
    TJ FromReno

    Keto 1 year strong.

  18. Kinky2 Avatar

    I love the crispy, salty NORI chips now available!

  19. boink800 Avatar

    Regarding bacon, I tend to avoid sodium nitrates. If you look carefully, you can find that bacon without sodium nitrates. Bacon tastes just fine without it.

  20. Luke Cowell Avatar
    Luke Cowell

    I love sucralose it tastes just like sugar no cooling effect and a little goes along way some people say it affects blood sugar but it doesn’t with me I recently made 2 lots of brownies one with erythritol ond one sucralose both came out solid but sucralose had the most sugarlike taste once cooked and cooled.

    Sugar free chocolate and avocado keeps them rich fudgy and soft

  21. MrMoon_ Avatar

    Watch the salt especially if you have kidney disease and high blood pressure. Canned meats and deli foods should be avoided. A lot of deli meats & k meats have added sugars like him.

  22. Jennifer Rudolph Avatar
    Jennifer Rudolph

    Excellent video, thank you! Much appreciated!

  23. LibraLife 47 Avatar
    LibraLife 47

    Thank u🤎…cooking hint..mustard can be used to marinade the chicken….pork chops….grill…and enjoy..

  24. Vonda Little Avatar
    Vonda Little

    Great information I’m trying to make sure I eat food that’s less carbs I eat keto everyday love it I just want to stay in my carb totals a day

  25. Maxi Bake Avatar
    Maxi Bake

    I’m pretty sure we can’t get Elk, here in the UK. 😞 Thankfully we do get Liver. Lol.
    Cold cuts, Hard boiled eggs, Berries & Cheese are me & hubbies go to snacks, not all at once though. 😉
    Thank you muchly for sharing this important information with us all. Take care, stay safe, & Happy Weekend everybody. 😷❤🙂🐶

  26. The Keto Guy of Meaford Avatar
    The Keto Guy of Meaford

    Very good video!!!

  27. broseph galietti Avatar
    broseph galietti

    aye i need some help… so if im on keto should i track my grams of carbs by net carbs or total carbs?

  28. Keto Jamaican Girl Avatar
    Keto Jamaican Girl

    I love eating keto-friendly fishes…especially sardines. I flavor them so well I don’t feel restricted.

  29. Annie oopsy Avatar
    Annie oopsy

    is apple , guava okay for keto diet?

  30. Di Grenier Avatar
    Di Grenier

    👍♥️ from 🇨🇦

  31. Ditzy.52 Avatar

    Surprised to hear "sucralose"! It is chlorinated. I only trust Stevia. Just my view.

  32. Constance Dunlap- Keto, low carb, and more Avatar
    Constance Dunlap- Keto, low carb, and more

    What are your thoughts on allulose?

  33. Jewel Ann Cervantes Avatar
    Jewel Ann Cervantes

    Is barley grass keto?